Who we are...
Ekobil was founded by two environmental scientist, here is more information about them:
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Murat Özçelik is an experienced international bird and wildlife expert.His first international project was UNDP Sultansazligi management plan in 1993 which was before EIA legislation enacted in Turkey. He was the general secretary of the Turkish association for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources. Murat Ozcelik was among the founders of Ankara birdwatching Club, which is the kern of today's ornithological associations in and about Turkey. He has been involved in tens of national and international environmental projects including those prepared in accordance with IFC standard projects, especially based on wildlife and biological diversity. Murat Ozcelik is also a nature photographer and manager of the internet video channel tittled: “Birds of Western Palearctic (vimeo.com/murat)”.
Aslı Sezer Özçelik graduated METU Department of Geological Engineering in 1994  ranking first in its class, with a minor degree in Biology. Aslı stayed as a research assistant in her department and received her MSc. Degree on “: Cation Exchange Capacity and Contaminant Uptake Properties of Some Natural Clays As Potential Landfill Liners”. By the mean time she also completed an other M.Sc. degree on environmental management from the Ankara University hosted Med-Campus Program. In 1998 she started her Ph. D. in the Department of Geology at METU, and in 1999 together with Murat, they  established Ekobil Environmental Services and Consultancy. In 2002, she left her research assistant position in METU and became a senior engineer in the Environmental Studies and Assessments Division of General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration of Turkey (MTA). In 2005  awarded by the Jean Monnet scholarship, she was accepted to the M.Sc. Program on Environmental Change and Management at the Environmental Change Institute of Oxford University. In 2006 she has completed both her PhD and her M.Sc. İn Oxford University, and came back to Turkey. After resigning her position in MTA, Aslı became the Country Manager of Climate Care, that was acquired later (in 2008) by JPMorgan. In 2011 ClimateCare management acquired their company back from the bank (JPMorgan) and they decided to close their Turkey office. Since then (July 2011) Aslı is working full time for Ekobil and developing Carbon Assets for the voluntary markets.