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As Ekobil we provide the following services:
Carbon Asset Development

  • We can develop your Joint Implementation, CDM or Voluntary Emission Reduction Projects in the best relevant and valueable standard. Ekobil is one of the most experienced carbon project developers in VCS+ Social Carbon Standard, and in Gold Standard.
  • We can help you for all the technologies available in the  UNFCCC's CDM Methodologies booklet.
  • If you have a GHG reduction idea that is not covered by the CDM Methodologies we can provide you support to develop a suitable methodology.

Carbon footprinting and GHG Management

  • No matter the size of your organization knowing your carbon footprint you can improve the performance of your business and you can exhibit that you do your part for the planet.
  • Accounting your carbon is the first step of Carbon Management.
  • We can help you design your  corporate emissions inventory for voluntary reporting purposes such as Carbon Disclosure Project,
  • We can provide you support to identify steps to reduce your emission reductions and set achievable targets for the future,
  • We can provide you choose best ways to offset your unavoidable emissions.

Climate Adaptation and other climate related consultancy

  • Is your institution ready for the climate extremes?
  • Do you consider climatic conditions and future climates when you are investing ?
  • Does your Risk and contingency plans consider future climates? Are your assets climate resiliant?
  • Are your supply chains strong enough to buffer climate related risks?

Ekobil is at your service if you seek answers to the above questions.

Sustainability Reporting

The value of your business and brand is not anymore marked only by financial reporting but non financial reports such as sustainability reporting.

We provide guidelines and consultancy so that you can develop your companies sustainability policies, and prepare  transparent, traceable reports that will add value to your brand.

Training Services

Ekobil provides trainings in the following main topics:

  • Climate Change and Climate Finance
  • Green House Gas Management
  • Sustainability